Areas of Focus:

-Life Transitions/Purpose/Meaning/Inner Guidance 

-Integration of Self (Mind, Body, Spirit)

-Body Image/Self Esteem/ Embodiment

-Self Care/ Self Compassion/ Sense of Self



-Women's Issues (Money, Power, Body, Sexuality, Fertility)

-Basic Trust/Spiritual Inquiry 


-Relationships/ Communication 


-Wanting Something Different/Unfulfilled


-If you are an Empath/Sensitive Soul/Healer/In the Caring Profession: An Energy and Spiritual Approach to Self Care/Burnout, And Learning to Care for Others By Starting with the Self 

Modalities Commonly Used:
-Client centered/Humanistic 
-Mindfulness Based
-Depth Psychology
-EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy)
-Guided Imagery
-Energy Work/Tools
“Through learning to turn toward what we ordinarily hide from, we form a relationship with it, touching the very core of its energetic makeup with conscious awareness, releasing blocked energy, and allowing this direct experience with previously unknown aspects of our experience to inform us at progressively deeper levels.”
 - Mariana Caplan