I grew up in a spiritual family, one whose path is about connection to divine oneness. This did not feel in total alignment with me, and I found myself thinking that this "being spiritual" meant leaving my humanness, that it had to look a certain way, a way that bypassed out of who I knew myself to be. And so I did the opposite of upward divine expansion and went into the depths of the underworld, turning towards and working with shadow, trauma, and suffering. But this too was only a part of my wholeness.
I know myself as someone with very human desires of how my being wants to be in the world, yet also that I am an expression of the divine, connected to something much larger. As my personal integration and awakening continued, I have found that my experiences, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, pains, joys, are not random, but attached to something greater at play.  I see all of it, all of life, even times of such pain, anger, fear, are not to be bypassed out of, are not for us to be above, are not for us to learn how to not connect to it or not be impacted by it, but rather are about learning to live in it and move through it, that that is the journey.
It is through my story, my personal process, my journeying,  that I found my intention and offering: to be with and meet all that is, both shadow and light, as to me they are one in the same. I sit in the therapist seat and offer embodied presence, as it is our humanness that is the connection to the divine. And as I continue on my own path, it is my passion and deepest desire to facilitate this kind of transformative healing, integration, and soul evolution for others. 

-Graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies with a Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology

-Completed an Internship at Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center

-Completed an Internship as a K-8 public school counselor. 

-Completed 3,000 Hours as well as Law and Ethics and MFT Clinical Exam, becoming a Licensed MFT #106982

-Graduated from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® with a Masters Certification in Energy Medicine. Currently offering energy work both within the therapeutic model or outside of it for energy clients or energy work sessions, as well as spiritual guidance and spiritual consultation. Ask for more information if interested in being an energy or spiritual consultation specific client

-Currently in FEM Talks, a group for spiritual women healers/speakers/entrepreneurs  committed to honoring their spiritual callings and offerings 

-Currently in Private Practice Internship offering sessions to individuals and couples.

Malaena Waldman

Marriage and Family therapist #106982

Masters Certification in Energy Medicine