“From a spiritual perspective, in fact, the entire physical world is nothing more than our classroom, but the challenge to each of us in this classroom is: Given your particular body, environment, beliefs, will you make choices that enhance your spirit or those that drain your power into the physical illusions around you?”
-Caroline Myss 

I hold deeply that we are spiritual beings on a human journey, and that it is our very humanness which provides key wisdoms and transformations toward evolution; be it personal, relational, collective, soul, and/or spiritual.


It is no human's experience of life as consistently easy, happy, and connected. In the therapy we sit in compassion, togetherness, support, and healing; acknowledging that life is full of hardships, pains, and maybe even sufferings. However, what is also offered is an opening to the possibility that there is more at play than the mind can grasp. Why does this life consist of such vast array of challenges? What are their purposes? In being present to all that is, you are supported through the human realm of what life is giving you, how that impacts one's well-being, one's emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc, while also opening opportunity to pull back and look at the larger picture, observing. What is the wisdom, working, and teaching within?


I hold it is through the human realm of experiences and emotions, even those of greatest difficulty, that are the turning points to evolve and grow as individuals, a collective, and for the greater world at large. The work becomes a meeting and integration of these dual and non-dual wisdoms. To really transform and heal the world, it starts with us, with you, within. 

While the therapeutic process is unique to each individual, what often comes about is a new way of being in relation to ones self, others, and the nature of life itself. Unconsciously we carry our past forward, deeply governing our future. These past experiences, stories, beliefs, structures, triggers, etc. created a lens through which the present is filtered, explaining repetition patterns and continued re-experiencing of the same wounds and rewards. Be it our current external circumstances or internal experiences, underneath is the offering to release, unravel and heal the old, while simultaneously accessing ones true nature and most authentic, present self. The process becomes an expansion of experience, deeper connection with ones inner knowings and intuition, and a true opening to all that is. It is an offering of accepting ones soul work/lessons asked of you in this lifetime that are already showing up. And as we update, integrate, and heal internally, the outside life begins to shift to reflect this new resonance and energetic frequency, Law of Attraction if you will. 

Through this process many find a deeper love and connection to self, others, and the world at large; an elevated life. In the experience of basic trust expanded around this play of life, there becomes less movement out of fear and control and more from an authentic desire to manifest, create, and imprint on this world. A self-advocate in alignment with Universal flow.


​My Masters Certification in Intuition Medicine ®, is an education that offers way of working with/understanding the body's subtle energy systems. These energy tools, spiritual consultation practices, and intuitive wisdoms integrate into the therapeutic model to offer in the deepest sense a mind, body, spirit approach to healing, integrating, transforming, and journeying.

"Out of brokenness and fragmentation we come upon wholeness; in pain and suffering the hard walls of the heart melt, and we open to love and joy; in the depths of shame can be found self-acceptance; in the darkness of hitting bottom we discover a redeeming light that raises us; in working through and deconstructing the false self we create an authentic life. As hard to bear as our wounding is, within it lie the seeds of our fulfillment."
-Brant Cortright