I offer individual therapy and couples counseling with a specialization in intuitive and transpersonal psychotherapy. With a Masters Certification in Intuition Medicine ® these energy tools, spiritual consultation practices, and intuitive wisdoms can integrate beautifully into the therapeutic model, creating a unique, holistic approach to personal and spiritual evolution.

"The nature of awakening is not transcendence. 

it is not detachment. 

It is not leaving our bodies. 

It is not dismissing our shadow. 

It is not bashing our story. 

It is not feigned positivity. 

It is not new age mysticism. 

The nature of awakening is inclusivity. 

It is connectiveness. 

It is shadow and light. 

It is enheartened presence. 

And presence is not to be found on the skyways of self-avoidance. 

Presence is to be found right down here, 

in our body temples, 

sole to soul on mother earth. 

Awakening requires that we show up for all of it. 

The great in-wakening. 

The wholly holy."

-Jeff Brown